I am a writer, photographer, modern Druid, and student. This is where I host my essays and commentary on Earth-Centered Spirituality, politics, the fine arts, and other matters of interest to me. I also happen to be a disabled person; I’m currently in a government back-to-work type of program, but I suffer from severe mental illness, fatigue, and a number of muscle injuries that stop me from doing work normally and make school often excruciatingly difficult.

I don’t really have any credentials beyond a high school diploma and some college coursework. I’m self-taught in almost everything I know and do, or very largely self-taught. That doesn’t mean I know nothing; it does mean I’m a bit rough around the edges, but I think I have plenty to say regardless.

This is a static site (think an old school webpage, not a blog), which means you have to use the menu to reach the content. If you subscribe to it, you will not receive updates; again, there is no blog. Essays will be posted and listed on the essays page. In the future more formal articles and short fiction will also be added on additional pages. Should I complete and publish books, appropriate links will be posted on a separate page or pages as well.

If interested, you can find my photography at Adam Shurte Photography (https://rusticoutcast.blog). My portfolios are hosted at https://adamshurte.com. It’s essentially safe for work type photography, so you don’t have to worry about things like models or nudity. Most of it is travel and street or nature photography with a little night photography thrown in; additionally I experiment in other genres and have done a large array of photomanipulation (not true to life editing) photographic work as well.

Copyright 2021, Adam Shurte, all rights reserved.

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