Just leaving a post to say I’ll be taking a break from blogging til June 1st, I think.

(Edit, June 2nd 2012: Might be a little longer than that for anyone who’s interested, but I’m not throwing in the towel. Apologies.)

I am not sure if I’ll get any work done on the Flickr site or otherwise, but expect no updates til then. Thanks to everyone who’s stopped in to like my work or comment, it means a lot to me.

Happy Beltane (Faery Forest Gallery)

It’s Beltane today, the day when the Fae are most active, and as such, I’m sharing a gallery of shots from the Faery Forest at Ginter Botanical Gardens- most of the structures set up on the forest trail. The shots are all photo edits, incidentally.

If you’re local to RVA and swinging by Ginter Botanical Gardens, they’re near the children’s area; there’s footpath off the main trails in the direction of the country club, and hopefully they’re still there.

And, just to be hopelessly Pagan and to honor the May Queen (I go with Blodeuwedd for that position though other Goddesses get assigned that role too I think), here’s a gallery of some flower shots.

Enjoy the day regardless of whether or not you celebrate it.