I am a photographer out of the Richmond VA metro area. This is where I host my photography blog. My portfolios are available via the menu or at https://adamshurte.com, and my galleries (to be hosted on Flickr) will be linked to as soon as they are reassembled. I’m planning on setting up an online print shop in the near future as well.

I’m self-taught in almost everything I know about photography, or at least very largely self-taught. I’ve been shooting digital photography since 2009, and I work almost exclusively with natural light (in other words, I don’t use the flash). I started off with nature photography, segued into night photography, and have branched out since then into other areas, and hope to explore more urban, wildlife, and portrait work, among other genres, in the future.

I do both color and monochrome traditional photography, and I also experiment extensively with photo edits or photo manipulation work; images that started as a normal photograph and wound up becoming heavily edited in Photoshop or otherwise.

The blog is on a tentative schedule of one image a day, Monday through Friday, with additional posting sporadically. I’m planning on adding craft essays and tutorials or other written posts now and then on no set schedule as well. I expect the blog schedule to change now and then.

Everything is Copyright 2021, Adam Shurte, all rights reserved.